Site Goes Live

sitelaunchToday I decided to launch the site and make it live.

It took me a while, because I was sorting through ways of presenting the portfolio area and after much deliberation I decided to just use the built in Gallery of WordPress.

Some of the areas are not completed, but it will grow more and more as I add them in. I have to create pages for the services that I offer and add some more sections of the portfolio.

For the audio services I am working on putting together a demo file for my best works. This is going to take time. Mind you I have to comb through a lot of works that can be deemed “not safe for work” because a lot of my podcasting works were a little on the blue side of comedic interpretations of how I saw society over the years I did the work.I may have 2 files for people to listen to on that front. The safe for work version may just have a censor beep on it.

Until I get a newer machine, I am postponing video services because the machine I currently  use cannot handle HD graphic rendering too well.We will be adding a section for client testimonials soon. I need to get the plug-in to do it and set it up.For now, if you wish to contact me, please use the contact section.


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